Maintenance and Repairs

Silicone joints require regular maintenance depending on the demands placed on them. Especially in the shower area constant usage can discolour with time. In addition, the joints might need repair due to movement of the building and floors, allowing water to pentrate behind the wall covering or the shower tray. This can cause costly damage to the tiles or even to the building. Therefore, have your joints checked and maintained regularly.

Cement joints can also partially break down due to movements in the building, in the splash area due to the use of aggressive cleaning agents, or due to natural wear and tear over time. We scrape them out and rejoin them, leaving your shower looking like new.

Professional tip: Let us grout your shower with an epoxy resin joint, which is resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and does not wash out. The initial additional costs save you maintenance costs and effort later.

We exchange cracked or damaged tiles for you, or repair minor damage with our tile repair set without having to replace the tile.